Kenneth Wong

Manifestation Expert and Mindset Coach

I’m an author, entrepreneur, manifestation expert, and Certified Professional Life Coach on a mission to help people with big dreams (like yourself!) manifest what they want.

Growing up I was told all my life that I needed to play by the rules, to play small, and be content with what I had. Having been raised by conservative immigrant parents, these limiting beliefs were ingrained into me since I was a little kid.

These beliefs served me well until I got into my 20s when the pressures of the real world came crashing down on me. I felt depressed, stuck, and powerless. I wanted to change my life but I didn’t know how. The existential question, “Is there all there is to life?” replayed in my mind over and over again. That’s when I turned to self-help books and discovered the promise of manifesting.

Being a natural skeptic, the idea that you can create your own reality sounded a little too good to be true. But at that point, I was so desperate for change that I was willing to do anything that might help. So I dived in headfirst into consuming every piece of information I could get my hands on. I spent hours and hours reading different self-help books (I have never read a single book on my own accord before), listening to podcasts, and watching lectures on YouTube.

Although these steps were essential to my manifestation journey, my greatest teacher has been my life experience. Through applying the principles of manifestation in my own life, I have manifested EVERYTHING I have in my life today. From multiple online businesses to my dream home, to my favorite manifestation of all—my dream relationship.

If you are ready to uplevel and manifest BIG things into your life, then you’re at the right place. Whether you start with my YouTube videos or jump right into my 1:1 coaching, I can’t wait to witness your incredible success story.

Manifestation changed my life, and it can change yours too.

Things I’ve Manifested

  • Soulmate
  • Specific Person and Ex
  • Multiple 6-figure online businesses
  • Passive income streams
  • Jobs and promotions
  • Physical appearance changes (clear skin after suffering from chronic acne)